Q: Why does a late cancellation forfeit the Booking Fee I paid? Can’t it just be applied to the new rescheduled session date?
A: All of our photo sessions are custom sessions, catering to the specific needs of each type of shoot. We try to accommodate the fact that some sessions run longer than others, and each requires setup based on the type of shoot. Also some of our sessions are in-studio, and some are on-location. When you book a session we arrange our whole day’s schedule around the bookings for that day and turn away other potential bookings for that timeframe. For example, if you book an afternoon session, and then cancel at the last minute, we are not able to fill in that time slot with another session on such short notice, and thus this basically shuts down our studio for the afternoon. Therefore, a late cancellation forfeits the Booking Fee.

Q: What if they are predicting rain and we’ve scheduled an outdoor session?
A: A prediction of rain does not mean the shoot will be canceled. In most cases, the shoot can take place as scheduled. In fact, the light can be quite nice on rainy overcast days! We will be in contact with you should bad weather potentially be an issue with the shoot, and if you have doubts, please call to avoid loss of your Booking Fee!

Q: If I reschedule with more than 48 hour notice, what happens next?
A: We will work with you to plan a new session day and time, and the Booking Fee you paid will be applied toward the new booking with no penalty.

Q: Is the Booking Fee refundable?
A: No, sorry the Booking Fee is not refundable.

Q: If I forfeit a Booking Fee due to a less-than-48-hours cancellation, is that money applicable toward my balance owed later on?
A: No, if a Booking Fee is forfeited, you lose that credit.